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Voice Operations

Dr Pieter Naudé specialises in a variety of voce operations, including vocal cord polyps and nodule removal. As an ENT specialist based in Cape Town, he works with patients of all ages and can assist with the diagnosis and treatment of various voice issues.

Vocal Cord Polyps

Vocal cord polyps refer to small collections on the vocal cords that are filled with fluid. They usually exist as a result of vocal trauma or using your voice for prolonged periods without rest. The cords swell up due to this abuse or overuse. If you continue to use your voice the swelling will persist. When this happens, your swollen vocal cords will thicken and become so thick that it cannot heal on their own. This is what is called a vocal cord polyp.

The only way to definitely know whether you have vocal cord polyps is to have your vocal cords examined by an ENT specialist.

The symptoms of vocal cord polyps may include the following:

  • Hearing more than one pitch at the same time
  • Hoarseness when you speak
  • Inability to hold a pitch
  • Inability to sing softly or quietly
  • Feeling worn out after a singing performance
  • Throat discomfort and neck pain

Professional voice users like singers and speakers will need to book a consultation with an ENT specialist as soon as they begin to notice hoarseness in their voice. The problem is that singers usually think that it is okay if they feel a little hoarse after a performance, so they can easily miss the signs. The earlier you are examined, the better your chances on a full recovery.

The treatment for vocal cord polyps may vary from one patient to another. Large polyps usually require surgery to have them removed. Smaller ones might resolve with voice rest and voice therapy.

For more information about the various voice operations, contact Dr Pieter Naudé today for expert medical advice.